Participating Universities:

ESIEE Engineering PARIS
West Bohemia University

Project Mission:

Our goal is to introduce a joint Master study Programme with high level of a shared knowledge. On the base of the shared knowledge it is possible to extend cooperation of the teams of students and teachers. The students from both countries and third party countries will be trained to compete on the worldwide industry fields.

Work schedule:

2009DOUBLE DEGREE Agreement preparationFinished
Sustainable Study Funds IdentificationFinished
Study schedule specification; number of credits and hours; list of classesFinished
Coordination meeting 1Finished
Coordination meeting 2Finished
Coordination meeting 3Finished
Room and instrumentation specificationFinished
Harmonogram of the study and mobilityFinished
2010Collection of necessary syllabuses, study plans and accreditation documentsFinished
Coordination meeting 4Finished
Coordination meeting 5Finished
2011Accreditation of the new subjectsFinished
Cooperation of ESIEE Paris and UWB Pilsen appraisalFinished
Project completion and DOUBLE DEGREE Agreement signatureFinished
Entry examinations for the first academic year of DOUBLE DEGREE programmeFinished

System of study financing in Czech Republic is based on government allocation. Funds are allocated according to number of students.

Awarding conditions of the diploma


UWB Pilsen

Double degree study organisation:

Student external to ESIEE

YearAutumn semesterSummer semester
Double degree studyEquiv. in standard study
1st4thESIEE 1ESIEE 2
2nd5thUWB 1UWB 2

Student at ESIEE at least from the 3rd year

YearAutumn semesterSummer semester
Double degree studyEquiv. in standard study
1st4thUWB 1UWB 2